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Frequently asked questions

We operate a three-stage process: assessment, treatment and education/aftercare. The reasons for this are explained below.

Dermatoscopy has superseded other forms of mole mapping. This method follows Australasian guidelines and is recommended by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

We must first diagnose the skin lesion so we can recommend the most appropriate treatment.

  • Any treatment being proposed will be discussed with you. This will include the type of procedure, cost, complications, expected outcome and aftercare.
  • If a surgical option is available, we will discuss the type of excision and cost with you, together with other options.
  • The best treatment option will be determined for you. This will take into account any other medical condition that you may have, medications, social supports, follow up, and/or infection/bleeding risk.
  • You will be given a full assessment of your risk of skin cancer and appropriate follow up investigations. Diagnostic aides will be used in the consult.

Our more common treatments are explained below.

Punch biopsy

This is a very simple surgical procedure that involves removal of a small piece of skin. The sample taken is then sent to the laboratory for further testing and diagnosis. A result is usually available 1-2 weeks after the sample has been taken. If the results are abnormal, the Upper Hutt Skin Clinic will advise you of this.

Surgical excision

A range of simple to complex excisions are available, depending on your treatment required.

Cosmetic Mole Removal (Surgitron)

Our Skin Clinic doctors use Surgitron to remove benign skin growths using radiowave ablation technology. No suturing is required and there is minimal scarring. Surgitron can be a suitable treatment for: skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, solar keratoses, melanosis, milia, warts, benign moles and vascular lesions such as cherry angiomas.

Topical skin cancer treatments

There are a range of non-invasive topical treatments which may be prescribed for you. These include topical creams, allmedic skin products and PDT.

All our procedures are performed by Upper Hutt Skin Clinic doctors and nurses who have received advanced training in skin care management.

  • If you have a Community Services Card, your surgery may be covered
  • If you are a Southern Cross member, enquire about Easy-claim

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