Corporate partnerships | Work with us to protect your employees

Due to our high UV levels, New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world. People who have regular exposure to the sun have an increased risk.

We would like to partner with your company to provide skin checks for your employees and offer sunscreen at a discounted price. This could be included as part of your employee wellness programme or you could provide your staff with sunscreen to reduce their exposure on site. The survival rate for detected skin cancers in the early stages is remarkable and as the disease progresses, survival rates go down dramatically. Skin checks are essential for identifying skin cancers and removing these before they become harmful.

At the Upper Hutt Skin Clinic, we specialise in skin cancer detection and treatment.  What sets us apart from providers such as mole mapping, is that our highly qualified doctors and nurses specialise in skin cancer medicine, surgery and perform skin checks using dermoscopy to identify suspicious lesions. We offer early detection and removal of lesions in the clinic through to after care and follow up for our patients. We also offer a range of therapies such as skin repair, skin care education, cosmetic mole removal, microdermabrasion, micro needling and light therapies.

We would like to offer your company:

  • Skin checks for your employees at a discounted rate. This involves a doctor consultation and full body assessment, photography of the lesions if necessary and a personalised skin care plan. If further treatment is needed, this will be at regular cost to the patient.
  • Discounted sunscreen. Allmedic 50 + Australian made and tested clinical SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • The skin checks and procedures will be performed at our clinic in Upper Hutt to provide optimum client privacy, comfort and access to our equipment.

Our aim is to reduce skin cancers in New Zealand and work with you to offer your staff early detection and education about skin protection.  We look forward to discussing this with you further and have attached our pricing schedule to this letter for discounts and payment options.


Full body skin check discounts – this discount does not include community service card holders

5-10 vouchers5% discount
11-20 vouchers10% discount
21-30+ vouchers20% discount

allmedic SPF 50 sunscreen discount – normally $48.00

Single price$13 discount$35 each
Purchase 10$155 discount$325 for 10


  1. Purchase vouchers – using form below or at reception.
  2. Make payment to our account for full amount shown in your order – bank account details will be sent to you with your confirmation.
  3. Vouchers will be sent out to you and will include information about the assessment and our other services. This is also include a casual patient form for each voucher. These forms are to be brought in with each employee to their appointment.
  4. The company employees can redeem in their own time, however, the voucher will have an expiry of one year. To get the skin assessment they will need to give reception their voucher upon arrival.
  5. Following treatments and surgery are not covered with the voucher and will be at full cost to the patient.

Order form

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