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Upper Hutt Skin Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services covering full skin examination and treatments. Our team of specialists are here to support you on your skin health journey, helping you understand what your skin needs to manage damaged areas, protect and repair it and prevent future damage. The staff at the Upper Hutt Skin Clinic believe everyone should have easy access to high quality and affordable skin cancer screening and treatments. No matter what condition, rest assured the highly experienced Doctors and Nurses at the Upper Hutt Skin Clinic can recommend safe and effective treatment for your skin. Let the Upper Hutt Skin Clinic team of highly qualified Doctors and Nurses help you protect your skin and keep it healthy and beautiful, no matter your age or lifestyle.

New Zealand Skin Health

Did you know that New Zealand has the highest level of UV radiation exposure in the world? It comes as no surprise that skin cancer is New Zealand’s most common cancer, and that we have the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

Every New Zealander should be having regular skin checks to ensure early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Come and see our trained skin cancer doctors who can give you a full skin assessment with dermatoscopy and offer you quick access to high quality, affordable treatment.

The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic offer a range of treatments using modern technology, including dermtoscopy, radio wave ablation cosmetic surgery, LED light therapy, skin peels with Picato and ALA PDT.

If you need professional treatment for skin health or appearance, our skin specialists have you covered. From mole checks and mole removals, to blue and red light therapy or comprehensive acne treatment, we have the latest in technological advancements to provide tailored skin solutions for you.

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Meet the Team

New Zealand does not have an established skin screening programme. The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic was established to try and create such a programme to ensure people of all ages and backgrounds have quick and affordable access to trusted care from experienced practitioners. The Doctors at Upper Hutt Skin Clinic all have a background in General Practice Medicine, meaning they have the knowledge and experience to provide a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of your skin issues. Our goal is to provide you with the treatment and knowledge to protect and repair your skin, quality and regular examination and education about the lifelong management of your skin.

Dr Lise Kljakovic founded the clinic in 2010. Since graduating from Otago University in 1981 Lise has been working in General Practice. Lise started her formal training in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery in 2008 with the Skin Cancer College of Australia as she saw a need for quick, easy and affordable access to skin diagnosis and treatment in her community. Lise ensures that her surgical practice is delivered to an exceptionally high standard ensuring excellent clinical results and happy patients.

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Upper Hutt Skin Clinic is located in the Upper Hutt Health Centre, just 25 minutes north of Wellington.

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