Full Body Skin Check

When you visit The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic our highly trained Skin Cancer Doctors and Nurses will do a thorough “top to toe” assessment to check for any potentially concerning lesions.

Early detection of skin cancers enables us to diagnose and treat lesions within the early stages. This results in less invasive treatments and has a better health outcome for patients.

Spot Checks

If there is a mole you are concerned about its worth checking! Some moles remain the same throughout a person’s life, while others may even disappear over time. Moles can also change in appearance over time. They can grow in size, change colour, become raised from the skin or change shape. Moles can change over time and develop into melanoma, with a higher chance of this in those that have been on the skin since birth.

If you have any concerns about your moles or freckles or you would like a mole or skin tag removed for cosmetic reasons, our specialist skin doctors can help

Total Body Photography with Dermengine

You will be assessed by one of our experienced nurses who will use an advanced high-tech mapping software called DermEngine to take high resolution photos of each mole. Using this, we can easily pick up changes in shape or other abnormalities.

You will then be assessed by one of our skin specialist doctors during your appointment.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Our doctors will discuss the outcome of your examination and give their recommendation on the best form of treatment for you. They have many, many hours of experience in treating and removing potentially dangerous moles and skin lesions. Rest assured, you are in trusted hands.

We will discuss the proposed treatment option with you. This will include the type of procedure or treatment needed, the cost involved, expected outcomes and potential complications. After this, together we come up with a plan that provides the best health outcomes for you.

Removal of moles for cosmetic reasons  

Wellington’s Upper Hutt Skin Clinic achieves good cosmetic results with benign skin lesions, skin tags, warts, moles and sun spots. These procedures are performed under local anaesthetic, administered by our trained Skin Cancer Doctors and nurses.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT is used to treat mild to severe sun damaged skin.  A  photoactive substance (made naturally by the human body) is applied to the affected area (eg face, arms, scalp etc).

This substance is absorbed by abnormal or sun damaged cells and once absorbed an LED light source is used to treat the area over 20 minutes.

Acne assessment

Research shows that controlling acne can prevent future outbreaks and scarring. This can result in clearer skin and improved self-esteem and confidence. Successful treatment of acne requires an initial assessment, the correct skin care plan and appropriate topical or oral medication.

Upper Hutt Skin Clinic doctors and nurses develop extension extensive acne management plans to treat acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Light therapy

The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic offer Blue and Red Light Therapies delivered by our LED light system. LED lights are the most effective way of delivering light therapy. LED light treatment is safe and causes no side effects.