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The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic was established in 2010 and is located inside the Upper Hutt Health Centre on Sinclair Street, just 25 minutes north of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington.

We have a fully qualified and professional team of Skin Cancer Doctors and Nurses on hand to answer your concerns and advise on the best treatment options available to you.

Why choose us?

New Zealand does not have an established skin screening programme. The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic was established to try and create such a programme to ensure people of all ages and backgrounds have quick and affordable access to trusted care from experienced practitioners. The Doctors at Upper Hutt Skin Clinic all have a background in General Practice Medicine, meaning they have the knowledge and experience to provide a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of your skin issues. Our goal is to provide you with the treatment and knowledge to protect and repair your skin, quality and regular examination and education about the lifelong management of your skin.

The Upper Hutt Skin Clinic own and are highly trained with the latest technology in skin lesion diagnosis and treatment, including dermoscopy, radio wave ablation, LED light therapy, and ALA PDT.

Our team

Our highly experienced and friendly team work closely together to support you to be well and live longer.

Sinead Dean

Skin Cancer Nurse

Rachel Siemonek

Skin Clinic Nurse

Rachael Honey

Skin Clinic Nurse

Yulia Pchelina

Skin Clinic Nurse

Jodie Wallace

Skin Clinic Administrator