Total body mole mapping with Upper Hutt Skin Clinic

June 23rd, 2020

Upper Hutt Skin Clinic now offer total body mole mapping.

Early detection of skin cancers enables us to diagnose and treat lesions within the early stages

Thanks to specialised imaging equipment and advanced software, mole mapping and digital dermoscopy are successful ways to identify cancerous and precancerous lesions at an early stage.

You will be assessed by one of our experienced nurses who will use an advanced high-tech mapping software called DermEngine to take high resolution photos of each mole. This will be used to create a customised body diagram and allows us to maintain an accurate record of all lesions and moles on your skin. 

Using this, we can easily pick up changes in shape or other abnormalities.

Why you should get your moles mapped at Upper Hutt Skin Clinic

Superior service

Following your mole mapping procedure, you will be assessed by one of our skin specialist doctors during your appointment. Using the information gathered from your mole mapping, they will create a personalised care plan (taking into account your personal and family medical history) and suggest the best possible course of treatments for you. Other services send your pictures away to an external providers to assess your images, with us, everything is done on site at the time of your appointment.


Our mole mapping packages are affordable and accessible.

Total body photography + full skin assessment$370
Total body photography + follow up skin assessment$320


We have availability now – no need to wait months for an appointment